If you'd like to add a product image not available through our library, you can paste the URL of the image of your choosing. 

To do, you'll need to find the image's URL. This image address typically ends in .jpg. For most sites, you can find this URL by right-clicking on the image (or often tapping on the image with two fingers if you're on a Mac computer) and finding the option "Copy Image Address" in the menu that appears.

You can ensure that you've successfully found the image URL by first pasting it  into a new window (command-V) and seeing if the image appears. If so, you can then paste the image URL into the Chrome extension and proceed as you normally would. 

If the Copy Image Address option does not appear, you may need to open up the console in your browser to find the URL. To do so, first click command-option-i. You'll see a box appear with the code of the website. At the top of this box on the far-left corner will be a cursor (mouse) symbol. Click on the mouse symbol so that it turns blue. 

You'll see different pieces of code become highlighted depending on what you hover over. Hover your mouse over the image and click. Move your mouse back into the code box to where the text is highlighted. You should be able to find the image address - often it will start with the phrase "image src" and then have a url. If you hover your mouse of the piece of code, a thumbnail of the image and its dimensions should appear. You can then right-click and select Copy Link Address to capture the image's URL. 

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