To add a clickable image to an e-mail, you'll first download the image preview, then link the image with the look's unique URL

1. Click on the look that you would like to include in your email

2. Scroll down and select Share Look 

3. Scroll down to the Embed Look section and click Download, under the Email tab, to download the image to your computer

4. Drag the image from your computer into the body of the e-mail (or upload it in the case of an email service provider like Mailchimp)

5. Highlight the image by dragging your mouse across it 

6. Click on the Hyperlink button in the Toolbar (Hyperlink buttons are usually represented by a chain link, 🔗) Then click Change.

7. Make sure that the Link window that appears has the image's name as how to display the link

8. Go back to your look and copy the lookbook's URL

9. Paste the look's URL in the web address or link field, then click OK.

You're all set! Now when you send the email, clicking on the image should direct people to your lookbook on Arthur. Give it a try! 

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