You can adjust the look and feel of your lookbooks through a number of edit options. Editing a lookbook will not prevent you from adding in more products later. 

On any look, you can update product details (name, notes, and prices), adjust the order of the items, and reposition photos. 

How to add notes & update product details

  1. Click Edit on the item whose details you'd like to change or update

2. Fill in or change the details in any of the displayed fields or add notes in the Notes field 

3. Click Update to save your notes and return to the look 

How to change the order of products

  1. Hold down your mouse down over the Move button 

2. Drag the product to the position you'd like to place it

3. Do not release until you see the other products shift

4. Release the mouse once your item is where you'd like it to be

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