Once you've created a new lookbook, its time to add products! Make sure you're using Google Chrome and you have Arthur's Chrome Extension installed. 

How to add products to a lookbook:

  1. Open a new tab or window and visit the product you'd like to add 
  2. While on the product page, click on Arthur's extension (the Arthur icon to the right of Chrome address bar) 
  3. Follow the steps in the extension to make sure the details about the product are correct (note that some e-commerce sites will autofill a product's details)
  4. Confirm which looks you'd like to add the product to (you can select 1 or multiple)
  5. Click Submit
  6. Continue through these steps on all the products you'd like to add to your look
  7. Go back to the look on Arthur's site to view all the products you've added - you'll need to refresh the page to see the latest product additions.

*Note that you have the option to "+ Add Product" or  "+ New Product"

How to re-use an image from a previous lookbook

1. Click on the lookbook you want to add the product to

2. Click  +Add Product at the top left of your page

3. Select any one of the products on the page

To add products that you have not previously used, follow the three previous steps and click +New Product. This will allow you the option to add products through the chrome extension or upload products manually.

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