Commission are predetermined percentages brands and retailers are willing to pay you for the total sales value you drive on their websites. 

In order for you to receive credit for a sale, the client (or you) must place the order using the Buy Now button on your lookbooks. When clients purchase items, retailers will attribute the entire check-out size to you, not just the product you recommended (the product you recommended may not have even been purchased). 

The purchase does not need to be made on that first visit to the retailer's site. Most retailers will track the visitor for 30 days and consider that period of time part of the same shopping trip. Any sale that results from that original visit that you drove will result in commissions for you. 

There are a few situations that may prevent you from receiving commissions; for example, you may not receive credit for the sale if your client ends up purchasing the item on a different device (computer vs phone) or the client applies a discount code from a third-party discount site (not the retailer). These issues have to do with how clicks and links are tracked, which Arthur is not responsible for. 

If you believe that you should have received commission for a sale, please reach out to us: We'll do our best to help recover the commission. Please wait at least 7 days after you believe the transaction took place to make sure there was not simply a delay. 

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