Once you've created a look on Arthur, you can share it via e-mail or URL by scrolling down to the Share Look section.

E-mailing clients looks through Arthur

  1. Enter the name of a client you've already added or the e-mail address of a new client you'd like to send the look to in the Share Access field

2. The box to notify the client via e-mail is checked by default. Keep it checked if you'd like the client to be notified about the look via e-mail.
*Note that you can also uncheck the box under each email to assign the look to a client without emailing them a notification. 

 3. Add as many clients as you'd like in the fashion. 

4. Once you've added all the clients you'd like to share the look with, click Email Look

Alternatively, you can preview the e-mail notification your clients will receive by using the Send Test Email button and entering your personal e-mail address.

Sharing Looks via URL

  1. Click Copy under Copy Share Link

2. Paste the link to the look anywhere you'd like, including text messages & social media posts. 

Sharing Looks Via Text

  1. Text yourself a link to the lookbook using the Text me button. Make sure your correct phone number is displayed in the field. Or click Change in order to update your phone number. 

2. You'll receive a text message from our system with the link to the look.
3. Rest your finger over the photo/link until the Copy option appears, then tap Copy

4. Paste the link into your own conversation with your client.

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